350W LED Grow Light to Replace 600W HPS

350W LED Grow Light to Replace 600W HPS

energy saving 49%, efficiency uping 20%, light management 0%

LED Grow light

LED Grow light for 600W HPS replacement

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Indoor LED Grow Light New

2014 new product is coming now. This indoor LED grow light includes LED grow lamp, lamp stander, hangers.

Low price high quality beautiful looking, if you have interesting, pls feel free to contact with Barbara at barbara@parus.co.kr

LED grow light

LED grow light

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New LED mini Farm

New LED mini Farm, you can choose different models to cultivate your plants.

New Indoor Garden

New Indoor Garden

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Parus LED light for HPS 600W Replacement

Parus has new LEDs which for HPS 600w replacement, accept new order now!
PARUS PGL-RA350COB (350W) mainly for flowering plants applicaiton such as Tomato,Paprika and the same.
PGL-RA-350-POWER mainly for green vegetables applicaiton such as lettuce,basil and the same;
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Components of Parus Cafe Farm

① LED Growlight
LED growlight is an artificial light which is able to replace
the sun light. It is composed with the most efficient
wavelengths. Moreover, the luminosity and the
wavelengths are adjustable simply with using switch on
the both upper and lower shelf.
② Aeroponic Growing tray
This device holds the plants to grow properly and also
supplies nutrient solution to the plant roots. Aeroponic
system optimizes the growing condition to increase the
growing efficiency.
③ Controller device
Controller device controls the growlights, nutrient
solutions, sterilizer, heat-sink devices systemically.
④ Nutrient reservoir
Device for nutrient water supply.
⑤ Air Pipe
Air circulating channel to release the heat out from the LED
⑥ LED wavelength adjustment switch
This is the switch for adjustment of LED growlights.
⑦ Exterior

For more information pls contact with me: barbara@parus.co.kr

Thank you!


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Parus Cafe Farm-I

Specification of Parus cafe farm-I

PARUS CAFE FARMDimension : W 1,380mm X L 600mm x H 1,700mm
Lighting: LED Grow Light (Red, Blue – separately operates)
Wavelength : 430nm, 450nm, 640nm, 660nm
Upper shelf 280 umol, 200Watt / Lower shelf 280 umol 200Watt
Growing plants : Lettuce, Herbs, Spinach, Ginseng, Strawberry,
Sprouts, Radish, Parsley, Broccoli and etc..
Watering : Aeroponic system
Fixture : Specially coated Aluminum Profile
Environment : Grow under the normal indoor environment
of temperature, humidity and CO2 (400PPM)
Control function : Auto lighting, Auto aeroponic
and wireless radio control (Optional)
Growing tray size : 1.56 m2 (Upper – 0.78m2, Lower – 0.78m2)
Capacity : 110 plants(Upper – 55plants, Lower – 55plants) 35 days
Hygiene : UV water sterilizing (Colon Bacillus and harmful bacteria)

Pls contact with Barbara for more information: barbara@parus.co.kr


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Spring in Parus Office

Spring in Parus Office Shanghai

2013 Spring office

more pictures pls contact with me at barbara@parus.co.kr

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