Components of Parus Cafe Farm

① LED Growlight
LED growlight is an artificial light which is able to replace
the sun light. It is composed with the most efficient
wavelengths. Moreover, the luminosity and the
wavelengths are adjustable simply with using switch on
the both upper and lower shelf.
② Aeroponic Growing tray
This device holds the plants to grow properly and also
supplies nutrient solution to the plant roots. Aeroponic
system optimizes the growing condition to increase the
growing efficiency.
③ Controller device
Controller device controls the growlights, nutrient
solutions, sterilizer, heat-sink devices systemically.
④ Nutrient reservoir
Device for nutrient water supply.
⑤ Air Pipe
Air circulating channel to release the heat out from the LED
⑥ LED wavelength adjustment switch
This is the switch for adjustment of LED growlights.
⑦ Exterior

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1 Response to Components of Parus Cafe Farm

  1. smn says:

    May i know the price of the LED and this system? Appreciate it if u can reply asap 🙂

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