My green onion

I grow some green onions in my beautiful pot as the flowers died. There are many beautiful flowers on the pot, which attracts a small butterfly. lol, the butterfly must think why I can’t find the flower pollen, haha.

For LED grow lighting and pest control LED light, pls contact with me:

Parus LED grow lighting

Parus LED grow lighting

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A video of plant growing process from Sweden customer

One of our Sweden customers has uploaded a video of plant growing process on  With the assistance of Parus mini farm system, the lettuce could grow from a seed to harvest in 45 days, and no pest, no pollution, green and safe. Pls contact with me for more information:

Here is the link:

mini farm system

mini farm system

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Parus LED mini garden system

Parus LED mini garden system

Parus LED mini garden system

Parus LED mini garden system includes all the elements for plant grow. It could apply all wavelength that plant growing needed, so you can cultivate any plants in soil. There is a tray or two traies (according to your demand)come with this system, so you can set up your hydroponics garden indoor as soon as your get it.

Winter is coming soon, if you want to cultivate any plants indoor to make a special winter, Parus LED mini garden system is your best choice, welcome to email me for more details,

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Why Parus LED mini garden system?

PARUS LED MINI FARM system includes LED grow light heat-sink frame, growing tray, hydroponics tray, LED driver, timer, nutrient solution, and humidity cap, reflect sheet and grow pot, sponge, so you can cultivate as soon as you got the mini farm system.

Parus LED grow light tray

Parus LED grow light tray

The system uses artificial LED light to instead of sun light, and controls all the wavelengths, nutrient and temperature to provide an ideal environment for plants, so you can cultivate lettuce, herbs, spinach, strawberries, rose, tulip, etc. in home, office, café, restaurant etc, and harvest less than a month.

As mini enough, PARUS LED MINI FARM is an ideal Christmas gift with surprise, creation and specialist; and it also could play as humidifier in AC room, it will be the most popular gift, decoration and mini ecological farm in the future.

If you are interested in it, pls email me

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Specification of Parus LED mini Garden system

Model : PMF-M30S
Frame size : W 650mm x L 180mm x H 340mm
Input Voltage : 90V~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 25Watt
Lighting : LED Grow Light
(PPFD 270 umol, @ 200mm)
Wavelength 660nm, 630nm, 450nm
Cultivating plant :
Hydroponic lettuce, herbs, spinach, strawberries, etc …
Sprout, Baby Leaf Chicory, vitamins, sunflower, peas, black
beans, wheat, barley, radish, alfalfa, broccoli, etc ….
Watering system: Hydroponics method
Format : Aluminum, PMMA
Environment : cultivate under room temperature (15~25)
use the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (400ppm)
Controller function : lighting, watering
Safety : CE, EMC, LVD

With this system, you can cultivate herbs in your kitchen, sitting room, office or bedroom. Attractive isn’t it? Contact me at email

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Structure of Parus LED Grow Barsket

Pls see the following picture, it is all the items that included in this mini LED grow barsket. In other words, anyone who get a Parus LED grow barsket could begin his cultivation soon. Any question pls feel free to contact with me:

Parus LED mini Garden Grow Barsket
Parus LED mini Garden Grow Barsket

1. LED Grow Lighting Heat-Sink Frame

2. Growing Tray

3. Hydroponic Tray

4. LED Driver, Timer

5. Nutrient Solution A, B

6. Humidity Cap, Reflect Sheet

7. Grow Pot, Sponge

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LED mini Farm for Strawberry

We cultivate strawberry with our LED mini farm system, through a month, you can see how the strawberry grow up, bloom and then full with red and sweet strawberries.  So Parus LED mini farm system is ideal for eduction about plant grow, and it also could be special gift for city family.

Mini farm for strawberry

Mini farm for strawberry

If you want to enjoy the happiness from cultivating, it is also your great choice.

Welcome to contact with me if you are interested in this technolgy system, my email is

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