Parus Cafe Farm-I

Specification of Parus cafe farm-I

PARUS CAFE FARMDimension : W 1,380mm X L 600mm x H 1,700mm
Lighting: LED Grow Light (Red, Blue – separately operates)
Wavelength : 430nm, 450nm, 640nm, 660nm
Upper shelf 280 umol, 200Watt / Lower shelf 280 umol 200Watt
Growing plants : Lettuce, Herbs, Spinach, Ginseng, Strawberry,
Sprouts, Radish, Parsley, Broccoli and etc..
Watering : Aeroponic system
Fixture : Specially coated Aluminum Profile
Environment : Grow under the normal indoor environment
of temperature, humidity and CO2 (400PPM)
Control function : Auto lighting, Auto aeroponic
and wireless radio control (Optional)
Growing tray size : 1.56 m2 (Upper – 0.78m2, Lower – 0.78m2)
Capacity : 110 plants(Upper – 55plants, Lower – 55plants) 35 days
Hygiene : UV water sterilizing (Colon Bacillus and harmful bacteria)

Pls contact with Barbara for more information:

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